Terms & Conditions

Cancellation & No-Show Policy

We know that time is precious – both for our patients and for our team. That’s why we run an efficient practice so that we can accommodate as many people’s schedules as possible. Our cancellation policy is designed to respect the time commitment of everyone involved, and to make sure that our services are available to as many people as possible.

We will send a reminder via text message of your appointment schedule. Please respond to the SMS with a confirmation or call us to reschedule your appointment.

By making an appointment, you agree to adhere to our cancellation policy outlined below:

  1. At least 24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment without being charged. If you cancel or reschedule on the day of your scheduled appointment, there will be a $45 late cancellation fee. This fee can be waived if you reschedule your appointment within the next two business days. If you fail to attend your scheduled appointment with no prior communication, you will be charged a $85 no-show fee.
  2. We understand that things happen and sometimes being late is unavoidable. However, if you arrive late to your appointment, we, unfortunately, cannot extend your time as we have other clients scheduled afterwards who are relying on us to be punctual. In the case that you are late, you will still be charged for the full appointment as we have allocated that time specifically for you. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but we hope you understand.
  3. 10 minutes or more late, you will need to reschedule and will be charged a $45 late cancellation fee. In some cases, if our schedule allows and with proper advanced notice of your late arrival, we may be able to accommodate a partial or full appointment at our discretion.
  4. If your therapist is running late, you will receive your full scheduled appointment allocation.
  5. Policies apply to all patients, including private patients, third-party, DVA and Medicare (EPC) patients.

NOTE: If you are receiving treatment for your injury or condition that is being covered by insurance, the insurance company will not cover the above-mentioned fees. They will be charged to you directly as the patient.

Subsequent Appointment Options

We understand that not everybody is the same. That’s why we offer different treatments and services that can be personalized for each individual client. We want you to get the most out of your experience with us, so your therapist will discuss your goals and needs with you before recommending a course of action. If you have any questions about what we’re doing or why, please don’t hesitate to ask. We want you to be as informed as possible about your own health and well-being!

Base Consultation

Our base consultation is 15 minutes long and costs $56. You can claim this through your health fund or bulk bill it through Medicare or DVA (if you meet the eligibility criteria for referral).

Standard Consultation

Our standard consultation is 30 minutes long and costs $85 which is claimable through your health fund. Some clinicians are eligible to bulk bill through Medicare and DVA (if you meet the eligibility criteria for referral) – please contact us to find out if this applies to you.

Extended Consultation

Our extended or advanced consultations are 45 minutes long and cost $113.50. They are claimable through your health fund.

Our extended consultations are designed for where a more complex assessment and treatment are required and/or when there are multiple joints and barriers. They are also useful when we need a multidisciplinary approach (this means 2 or more types of therapists).

These sessions can be booked for 45 minutes (extended) or 60 minutes (advanced) or maybe a combination of 15, 30- or 45-minute appointments with different therapists. Your lead clinician or health consultant will make sure that the right appointments are arranged with the right people.